Hanging and Displaying your Art After Pieces

There are so many lovely, and affordable ways to display art these days! Here are my two favorites for this series.


Pop Into a Frame

  • These pieces fit easily into most 5x7 inch frames.

  • Take out the glass and slide your painting in its place. Removing the glass offers a better view of the art’s surface, and creates a little room for the thickness of the panel.

  • Consider removing the back of the frame as well if you’d like the ability to turn your painting over and view the interruptions on the reverse side.

  • Place on a table or shelf, or hang on the wall with a finishing nail.

Hang With a Clip

  • I LOVE these wire clips, but any little binder clip will work.

  • Place the clip directly onto the panel, and hang from a finishing nail or a taut wire.

  • SUPER simple, affordable, and keeps easy access to the back of the art.

simple shelf.jpg