Tension. A fascinating balancing act between opposing forces. It is always there, pushing and pulling in order to strengthen and refine. Though often avoided, tension is the very thing that adds complexity and richness to the human experience. I have come to embrace tension in my work. Tension between flowing, organic, three dimensional forms and rigid, flat, geometric patterns. Tension between foreground and background, order and chaos, reality and dreams. As I create each piece, I act as a technician tuning and adjusting each of these components in endless combinations to produce varied results.

Trees have always been a strong source of inspiration, and are a subject matter I have come back to again and again in my art career. Trees are a unifying experience for all people; they transcend culture, place, and even time. This universal familiarity gives every viewer a point of reference when experiencing my work. My paintings exaggerate and abstract the inherent, remarkable qualities of trees using thin layers of paint, striking patterns, brilliant colors, and a distinctly organic line quality. Each piece is like a portrait; they are meant to display each individual in their best light, show a glimpse of their soul, and give them a sense of immortality.

Above all else, it is the genuine pursuit of beauty that drives me forward and compels me to create. Though I do want to give each viewer a meaningful, thought-provoking experience, it should always be grounded in simple pleasure and pure aesthetic beauty.