...Particles float like glitter, scattered shadow, solitude, deep forest,trees older than city, tall as sky, twisting bark, history, blue distance, breathing in ocean, bike bell...dings, flash of movement...roller-blader in neon spandex, picnickers on a gingham blanket, cellphones on sticks, shouting...homeless man preaches the rapture, pink gelato, periphery, movement, neon spandex. Phenomena unfiltered. Bypassing the mind and infiltrating the senses...

This work examines my full awareness—with all the richness of the senses and the fleeting peripheral nuances—and attempts to pass on this holistic experience to the viewer. It asks the question, "Can one impart a phenomenological experience to another through a static visual medium?"

This series of paintings explores my sensory experiences in Stanley Park. Trees are developed in soft charcoal and submerged in thin, ethereal layers of paint. Bold, colorful geometry cuts fearlessly through these dreamlike neon spandex on roller-blades.