So I'm Pretty Sure This is Done: 7 Words to Never Say Out Loud

Added on by Denise Gasser.

...At least not in front of other people anyway! Those words place a wicked spell on those around you which forces them to see multiple ways in which your painting is unresolved or otherwise flawed. I brought this piece to my monthly art critique group. As I set it out announced that it was done.

I was ready to be done whether I truly believed it or not. Part way through the discussion my perfectly lovely and honest friend must not have heard that declaration or she chose to ignore it when she said, '...something, something...this is obviously not done yet, but...something, something else...' I don't remember much except for the part where she assumed there was no way I could possibly be pretending to be done. Aaarrrggghhhh. She was absolutely right, I wasn't arguing that, but sometimes you just can't stand the sight of a certain painting and you NEED to be done. 

But, I pulled myself together and used every ounce of ambition and will power and forced my way to a better painting that feels much more resolved...or dare I say...finished. If you disagree, please feel free to keep it to yourself, just this once:)