Bad Girls Do it Well

Added on by Denise Gasser.

I am finally having some business cards printed! It's been a long time coming. There's nothing like an actual deadline to force you to get something done. Last Friday my husband took a half day and happened to be home when the boys went down for naps (technically Liam has 'quiet time' which is strangely similar to time out but lasts WAAAY longer). Suddenly the whole world opened up to me...I could go anywhere, do anything. My mind was racing as to how I could possibly make the most of these few short daytime hours without kids. So I headed down to Vanprint to check out their business card options. Crazy, I know. As I hopped in the car I knew just what I would listen to. A few days before I randomly heard the song 'Bad Girls' by M.I.A. Let me just say this is basically the farthest thing from anything I would ever listen to on purpose. But somehow as I headed out on my lone trip to the print shop I felt strangely compelled to blast this song with the windows down. So I found it on youtube, plugged in, and peeled out. I'm pretty sure I looked something like this.

This turned what may seem like an ordinary errand into an ordinary errand with loud music. I decided I would not be embarrassed and only wavered once when I was stopped at a light and several people were walking slowly past my car. But I only turned the volume down a little. 

The printshop had some really nice options including silk laminated cards, which I loved. It gives it a really nice finish. I have had great experiences with Vanprint in the past. It was a brief but successful stop.

I knew I couldn't just go home so I stopped by Michael's for a charcoal pencil. While in Michael's my husband called and let me know that my dear baby had only slept for about five minutes and was starting to get hungry. So I told him I would head STRAIGHT home, but really I walked slowly through the frame section before making my way to the front to purchase my pencil. What can I say? 'Live fast, die young...bad girls do it well'.

Considering I had hit replay on that song about seventeen times already I opted for Johnny Flynn instead and enjoyed a slow drive home. 

With the help of my architect husband and the faithful members of our monthly art group I ended up with what I think is a pretty sweet card design. It was low key...I only changed my mind 20 times before I sent images to the printer, panicked, changed my mind again, stopped the press, redesigned, questioned, edited, re-edited, and sent them to the printer again. Here is the finished design:

I am so happy to finally have updated business cards. Now I just have to find people to give them to:)