A New Series: Art After

Added on by Denise Gasser.

I have started work on a couple of new projects, but I am especially excited about this new series of mini paintings. It's a project meant to embody the challenges and rewards of artmaking after motherhood. It was initially meant to be part of a group show with fellow artist/mothers Julianne Kozak and Jennifer Johnson. It wasn't quite working for everyone's schedules and availability, so Art After has become a solo show. 

As you probably know, I have two young kids...and sometimes it feels like a total joke to attempt any kind of a painting career at this point in my life. But quitting would be an even bigger joke (I sort of tried quitting a while back...not good results). So I keep pushing forward in whatever way I can. It's a messy life at times...trying to meld these two vital parts of myself...but I think this balancing act actually makes me a stronger artist and a stronger mother.

So...for the new series...I will be creating miniature paintings (5x7) that must be completed in one sitting. The moment I am interrupted, I have to drop what I am doing...and NEVER RETURN...dun dun dun. Interruption is basically the theme of my entire existence, so I figured I might as well just go with it. For each piece I am documenting a start time, end time, and what it was that interrupted my work flow. Some paintings may get several hours, and some might only get ten minutes. Subject matter will be scattered fragments of my daily life with my children.

These are the first three pieces. I actually tried doing three at once so I could make the most of drying time etc. I did these in just over an hour during Grey's nap the other day. Talk about living on the edge...what an adrenaline rush! ha ha. Really though, it was weird knowing that at any moment I might have to walk away and leave them in a hideous state. Just as I heard Grey waking up I stenciled these circles in a mad scramble, trying to give them at least some semblance of resolution. Not TOO bad, I think. Though it worked well to do three at once, for the sake of clarity in the project, I decided to only work on one at a moving forward. I think it's better to see the exact start and finish time for each piece. Look out for more updates.