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This series is my attempt to reconcile the tension that exists between my vital roles as artist and mother. Bridging the gap between creative aspirations and physical reality, I embrace the interruptions that typically hinder the creative process.

I create each 5x7 inch piece in one sitting, working without stopping until I am finished, or until I am interrupted. Often my stopping point is the moment I cannot possibly continue painting through the interruptions. At that point I stop working, and do not allow myself to revisit the piece. On the back of each painting I document the start time, the end time, and the interruption that forced me to stop. The duration of each painting ranges wildly, from under two minutes to over two hours. The subject matter is inspired by the scattered fragments of daily life with my children.

These small artworks, in their varying levels of success and completion, come together as a rich tapestry to represent not only the struggle, but also the beauty and triumph I experience as I continue to make art after motherhood. This work calls into question the supposed limitations placed on women after childbirth, and the notion that artists must choose between art and childrearing. It is a reminder of our power to break down the layers of separation that stand between where we are now, and where we want to be.

I am documenting the entire Art After series on my Instagram account. Each post includes the interruption and the time I spent on the piece. Below is a collection of some of my favorites.

Art After_The Shoot_35.jpg