Denise Gasser is a mixed media artist, born and raised near the mountains of Utah. After receiving her BFA in Art Education, she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a time, before moving to her current home in Vancouver, BC. The farther she ventured North, the deeper her work was permeated by the natural wonders of the Northwest Coast. Denise shares her home studio with her architect husband and their three young, and very busy, sons. Her work has exhibited in Canada and the U.S., and is owned in private collections in several countries around the world.

Whether taking inspiration from coastal forests, driftwood, or rollerbladers in neon spandex, tension is a consistent theme in Denise’s work. Tension between flowing, organic forms and rigid, geometric patterns. Tension between foreground and background, order and chaos, reality and dreams. These components are merely tools to express her phenomenological experiences and perceptions of the world around her. Above all else, it is the genuine pursuit of beauty that drives her forward and compels her to create.